Monday, April 22, 2013

Fairyland Is Real

Fairyland is real!  I have visited there on several occasions and know it to be true. 
As I’ve shared before, I have leaned toward being more of a realist than a dreamer, but set out on a path a couple years ago to finally pursue dreams, to find more of those magical moments sprinkled throughout life, to start believing that anything is possible…including Fairyland.
We recently explored a network of trails (new to us) at one of our local regional parks, Garland Ranch, and that’s where we entered Fairyland for an afternoon.  The fairies had obviously been quite busy as evidenced in the photographs I took during our springtime adventure there…
Checkerspot on Blue Dicks

Giant Trillium

Woodland Stars

Fiesta Flowers


Soft, fuzzy leaves

Garzas Creek

Mossy rock
Nature's artwork with stone and lichen as mediums

Fairy Lantern

Pearly Everlasting

Wandering through Fairyland...

I believe a real life Fairyland opens its gateways to us for brief spells when we immerse ourselves in the magnificence of the wilderness, and we do so with our full attention to its sights, sounds and textures, with a sense of wonder and with respect and gratitude for all that nature can offer us - beauty, peace, enjoyment, inspiration, solace.
Are you a believer in Fairyland, too?  Have you adventured there lately?