Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lighten The Load

"Lighten The Load," mixed media collage, March 2013
Acrylic paint, glitter glue, magazine image, feathers
Perhaps you noticed the feather placed on the SoulCollage® card, “Aspiring To Fly,” I shared a couple posts ago?  During last month’s CHOMP healing art retreat, I incorporated feathers into two pieces I created that day, the aforementioned SoulCollage® card and the mixed media collage I am sharing here which resulted from a directive to select a magazine image from an assortment scattered across the table and work the selected image into a piece created with any medium(s) of our choosing.  Although it may look like an odd collage, I chose this image of caribou (?) because they seemed to be bearing the weight of their antlers which reminded me of bearing the weight of heavy emotions or thoughts.  (While later researching the symbolism of the caribou, I found that the caribou signifies endurance, strength and perseverance, that the caribou holds the power of adaptability in adversity.  The caribou is also considered a guide on a spiritual journey.)  I married the feathers with the caribou antlers to represent that easing of heaviness and feeling of freedom.  Sometimes when weighted down, we just wish to do what I titled this piece, ”Lighten The Load.”

Tools I’ve been employing to lighten my own load:
Focusing on love and gratitude

Connecting with and confiding in others

Enjoying nature’s wonders

Being mindful of daily moments of grace and beauty
Finding humor and laughter, sweetness and whimsy in everyday situations

Adopting our daughter’s youthful, unencumbered perspective
Indulging in a distraction – family activity (game/puzzle), reading

Becoming immersed in a stretch of creative “flow”
What techniques assist you with lightening your load?