Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Stepping Stone

Last weekend I faced disappointment when my “Papery Posies” handmade notecard workshop flopped.  It was another disappointment in a recent string of disappointments.  Those interested were not available to attend, but because there was the possibility of a walk-in or two, I proceeded with setting up, waiting and hoping.  In hindsight, scheduling a creative workshop (which sadly, many may view as a frivolous expense) so soon after tax day and too far in advance of Mother’s Day may have been poor timing. 

Admittedly, I shed a few tears while listening to my self-critic’s dialogue.  I was/am grateful for family and friends who voiced their encouragement of and belief in my work and helped me mute my inner critic.  Their support reminded me that despite recent setbacks, I am certain I’m on the right path for myself and am determined to stay the course through its ups and downs and twists and turns. 

Yesterday I was thinking about creek side hiking trails, and the slippery stones we must sometimes navigate to cross the creek and continue along the trail.  We may slip, even fall sometimes, but we can regain our balance or get back up, move forward and finish our crossing.  More of nature’s beautiful wonders always await us on the other side.
A recent family hike in Carmel Valley took us along and across Garzas Creek

The pursuit of dreams and goals is much like those creek crossings.  A disappointment can turn into a stepping stone to hopefulness and optimism.  We must remain confident about keeping our momentum going and taking those next steps.  The disappointment of my unsuccessful workshop became the stepping stone to new possibilities and opportunities, amazingly, just within the past few days.  These new developments arose partly in a surprisingly serendipitous manner and partly as a result of me deciding to get back up, take action and “cross that creek.”  I’m moving forward and anticipating the discoveries and potential accomplishments ahead.

May you traverse the stepping stones in your life with the confidence that you, too, can reach solidly positive ground!