Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Motherhood

Today as we celebrate motherhood, I reflect on what I love most right now about my own experience as a mom…

Living with the imaginative and creative youthful energy that fills our home (despite barely keeping up with that exuberant pace sometimes!)   
"Cherry Lemonade" recently served up by our daughter!
Snuggles on the sofa

Relaxing with a game or puzzle (like the one that’s been decorating our living room floor for the past week!)
Belle's or Snow White's dress, not sure which yet?!

Our daughter’s post-shower doodles etched on the steamy bathroom mirror with her accompanying “I Love You” messages

Listening to her carefree singing while playing, drawing, drifting off to sleep

Beach walks, forest hikes and family adventures

Mother-daughter art projects

The gift of a plucked dandelion or other blossom, sometimes a sweet little "bouquet"  

Random hugs (like the one I received after dinner yesterday evening…yummy!)

Being touched by our daughter’s 8-year old insight (after a minimum school day on Friday, she returned to the healing art retreat with me as she has a couple times before. I gently reminded her that sometimes people cry when sharing their art and emotions, she responded “I know, it’s because they remember what they’ve been through.)
Two of Melia's creations from Friday's healing art retreat,
a vibrant flower & a (yet to be painted) owl, 
published with her permission!
I also reflect on something I’ve been missing lately…reading to our daughter.  As she has blossomed into an avid reader and now often immerses herself in chapter books, the occasions when I read to her have become less frequent in recent months, and I miss the rhythm and relaxation of those moments together.  Tonight, at the close of this Mother’s Day, my wish will be to read a bedtime story to our daughter and pause to fully feel the love and gratitude for being her mom.  That will be the best Mother’s Day “gift” of all!
With wishes for a happy, relaxed, enjoyable, love-filled Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms, and with special wishes and much love to my own mom and mom-in-law.    

What are your reflections on this Mother's Day?