Friday, May 17, 2013

Revisiting A Journal Journey

Last year I participated in quarterly art journaling workshops taught by artist and executive director of Pacific Grove Art Center, Alana Puryear whose work I admire and with whom I’ve enjoyed becoming friends.  It has been quite some time since I shared pages created during the “Journal Journey” guided by Alana.  As I’ve been further developing and clarifying my creative business goals alongside focusing on continuing to heal physically and emotionally from my cancer experience, I have been remembering how art journaling can be such a helpful, insightful creative tool for navigating both personal and professional paths.  I’ve missed this form of journaling, not having made time to create any new pages since last fall’s final workshop.  I’ve been feeling a growing urge to start a new art journal and plan to do so this summer.  In the meantime, I’ve been revisiting last year’s journal and discovering how relevant it still is with where I am at right now on both pathways.  This revisiting is providing creative fuel to move forward!  I’ve decided that by sharing more of this journal here on Paper And Ponder, I can motivate myself to bring a new summer journal into actual fruition (plus I’m holding myself accountable by stating my goal here!)  Perhaps I can also motivate some of you to spend time with your art journals, too, or try your hand at one if you haven’t already done so?

I backtracked and created my cover at home on my own (in my comfort zone of collage) after last spring’s workshop with Alana.  The cover blends a breadth of materials from magazine and catalog clippings to letters stamped into words on wrapping paper to a melange of ephemera – a postcard from Dahlia Lounge, a favorite restaurant I frequented when I used to travel to Seattle on business, a hang tag from my daughter’s clothing, a postage stamp, stickers, an old notecard, a sticky monkey flower image from a brochure sent by our water company and my own poppy design and leaves collaged from handmade paper and textured card stock.  (Is this telling of the ephemera “hoarder” I am?  Ha ha!)


Are you an art journaler?  How have you successfully made time for journaling through art?