Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Someday File Reopened

I recently played around with upgrading my "someday" file from a plain folder!

Last summer when I launched this blog, one of my earliest posts shared a wish in my “someday” file that I was finally able to make come true.  This week, that “someday” file has been reopened and another wish is coming true!

Before and since setting out into this unchartered territory toward my creative business aspirations, I’ve eyed various options to work with and receive guidance from a professional coach.  In most cases, the costs have been beyond my means, so I was assuming this would be a “someday” wish that would remain filed and not likely brought to fruition.  As I’ve been learning, however, always keep the file open!  Remaining open, patient and hopeful to possibility may eventually reward us with possibility becoming reality.  It may take some time, it might manifest itself in a different form than expected, or it could turn out to be a new possibility different than the one on which we originally set our sights (but a wonderful opportunity all the same!)

I am grateful for an exciting opportunity within my means, participating in one of author and motivational coach, Gail McMeekin’s Jewel groups, a 3-month coaching program with monthly group and one-on-one calls.  Recently, I wrote about stepping stones, and by being a part of this group, I feel as though I’ve “crossed the creek” and arrived at a most inspiring, motivating place!  Two and a half years ago, when I was reading one of Gail’s books for guidance, I couldn’t have imagined I would end up with the good fortune of becoming an actual participant in one of her groups. 

I have felt somewhat stalled trying to gain more attention for Plumeria Papercraft and have come to realize that a challenging component of small business for me is self-promotion.  In my past profession, I was adept at promoting and selling for large companies, but I’ve discovered that promotion and sales can be somewhat daunting when it is very personal and you’re presenting yourself and your own work.  The tricky balance of getting yourself noticed while doing so in an authentic, graceful fashion…the fear and disappointment of being rejected for an endeavor in which you’ve invested your heart and soul.  I’m a very small fish in a very large pond, trying to make bigger, wider reaching ripples!

Our first group conference call took place yesterday evening, but even while working beforehand on preparation for the call, I was already feeling propelled forward with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm.  Working on a computer generated mind map, then creating a fun visual version (including saved prints I had made with painted flowers from our backyard, a past activity with our daughter) provided some surprisingly immediate insight and clarity before last night's call. 

My fun version of a mind map
I’m so excited and energized, humbled and honored to be in the company of such bright, talented women.  (I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite bloggers and friend, Tina of Tickled Pink Woman, is a fellow participant!)  I am eager to learn, gain insight and clarity, to support kindred spirits and to make some powerful, positive ripples outward! 
I'm keeping my "someday" file open and ready for possibility!  I hope you are, too!