Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Place In Which To Dwell And Celebrate

Last month I began revisiting (and sharing here) my “Journal Journey” art journal, discovering its continued relevance in this process and further utilizing its pages for current inspiration, thoughts and ideas.

This page was created during last summer’s quarterly workshop with artist Alana Puryear, and the focus was on celebrating what we had already accomplished and contemplating accomplishments we wished to celebrate in the near future and in the long term.  This celebration and contemplation was written across a page, then covered by gesso, paint, transferred images (magazine clippings transferred to packing tape) and other embellishments.
In reviewing this page a year later, I’ve been thinking about how I tend not to give my creative accomplishments ample credit in my own self-critical eyes.  I perceive that I am merely a “fledgling” artist and “fledgling” small business owner, and this perception sometimes prevents me from fully recognizing and acknowledging the skills I actually possess.  I would never want to brag or boast, but I do believe we can gracefully take pride in and celebrate our talents and accomplishments.  This page has reminded me that by taking time to celebrate, we are motivated, energized and gain confidence for what we'll accomplish next!

each leaf

each blossom

unfurling opening blooming

nourished by a newfound belief

in dreams transforming into real life

beautiful exploration

discovery experience growth

opportunities unfolding into accomplishments

designing nurturing tending

to my creative garden

inspiring motivating fulfilling

blissful joyful abundant

a place in which to dwell and celebrate


May your accomplishments lead you to a joyful place in which to dwell and celebrate!