Monday, June 10, 2013

A Thing For Thistles

I have a thing for thistles!  During our wildflower hikes, a blooming thistle always captivates me, how beauty emerges from such a prickly and at first glance, seemingly unattractive plant.  I have learned that the lowly thistle is actually revered as Scotland’s national emblem.  In the language of flowers, the thistle expresses nobility, and in other symbolism, endurance and fortitude.  With fortitude, the thistle becomes another fitting symbol in my own life.

Saturday, we enjoyed another family hike at Garland Ranch Regional Park (a section of which was a springtime Fairyland several weeks ago!)  I was pleasantly surprised by how many wildflowers were blooming despite the drier conditions there and how many thistles were displaying their striking beauty.
What unlikely beauty in nature catches your eye?