Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Night Gratitude

It’s been a while since I shared one of my gratitude lists, so in the hope of perhaps inspiring some of you to reflect upon (and share!) what you’re grateful for, here’s my current list:

*          A surprising number of nature’s wonders up close in our own backyard…

Our young visitor
Sighting Mama Skunk and her magnificent plume of a tail a couple times in recent weeks, observing one of her youngsters who’s been visiting our garden every evening for the past week and watching that youngster forage and play together with a sibling who joined him/her earlier tonight!

Enjoying the beauty and graceful choreography of violet-green swallows.

Spotting June bugs arriving at dusk this evening on June 1st seemed very fitting, flitting around our almond tree as they make their brief annual appearance (our daughter noticed them after dinner and excitedly exclaimed “The June bugs are here!”)

Always being fascinated by the flutter of bat wings (our daughter was again the first to notice one this evening.)
Sand underfoot, surf in view and shells in pocket (not in our literal backyard, but nearby!)

A few new beachtreasures, including a triangle of rare yellow sea glass

*          Participating in month three of author and motivational coach Gail McMeekin’s creative coaching group, interacting with an impressive group of talented, creative women and feeling that this experience has been tremendously valuable in my quest to nurture and grow Plumeria Papercraft.           

*          The support and patience of my husband as I, baby step by baby step, work on building my creative small business.  It means a great deal to me that he believes in my dream and my ability to bring it to fruition.

*          My new partnership with our hospital’s gift shop as well as my existing local partnerships. 

A sampling of my first order for the gift shop at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula


*          Meeting a new friend, a fellow cancer survivor, to walk and talk at Garland Ranch…a few wildflowers still in bloom despite the warmer, drier weather, a king snake slithering across the trail (I find snakes fascinating!) and a beautiful yellow swallowtail fluttering by.

"Otter Bliss #1" mixed media collage,
handmade papers, printed cardstock, kraft packaging, burlap
*          Attending last night’s opening at Pacific Grove Art Center with our daughter and a dearest friend and seeing my donated “Otter Bliss” mixed media collage exhibited as part of the miniatures show/fundraiser for the center.  This was my first experience as an exhibiting artist (except for last year’s healing art exhibit at CHOMP’s cancer survivor celebration.)

*          Such a strong sense of community at our daughter’s elementary school.  As I volunteered during yesterday’s 2nd grade end of the school year celebration, I was reminded of the wonderful connections between children, parents, teachers and staff.  I’m so glad our daughter is able to attend there, and I’m also very glad that I have a flexible schedule and can contribute there as well in the classroom and as an art docent.

*          Sweet, loving moments with our daughter…always precious.

*          Simply, deeply, wholeheartedly grateful for life each day, for family, for friends old and new, for living life with much more passion, for feeling more alive than ever before.
What's on your gratitude list right now?