Friday, June 21, 2013

The Flow Of A Still Life

"Gerbera Still Life" mixed media collage
Tissue paper, origami paper, seed beads, plastic bead

The Gerbera daisy is one of my favorite flowers, so during this month's healing art retreat when the directive was to create a still life inspired by a flower or arrangement of flowers, I selected the cheerful beauty of a yellow Gerbera as my subject.  I knew that what I needed most last Friday was to dive into the flow of creativity.  I also knew I could best achieve this flow within my artistic comfort zone of collage, so I chose to create a collaged still life.  As crazy as it may seem, the meticulous process of cutting small petals out of tissue and origami paper and patiently layering them to form my Gerbera daisy was very calming and centering.  I was fully in the moment, focused and enjoying the bliss of being immersed in creative flow….going with the flow and finding my way back to center!

What’s your favorite way to dive into creative flow?