Thursday, July 11, 2013

Determination In The Desert

Cactus blossom at Pine Valley in Joshua Tree National Park
As I continue to savor highlights of our recent desert trip, I have also been reflecting on insights which have surfaced since spending much of our time amidst the desert’s natural, sometimes stark beauty.  One such insight is how flora and fauna demonstrate the utmost in determination as they survive and thrive in the desert’s hot, arid climate.  I feel a deep reverence for the desert and the beauty that exists there despite often less than desirable conditions.  Desert plants and animals adapt to their environment and utilize their limited resources efficiently and intelligently.  Many prove that they are strong and wise. 

An unexpected bloom along an extremely hot, dry stretch of trail
Pine City, Joshua Tree National Park

We can learn from desert life… about living mindfully, about listening to our inner wisdom, about conserving our energy and focusing that energy where it’s most beneficial in our lives, about believing in our own strength and endurance, about beating the odds, about blooming and shining in unlikely circumstances.  The desert reminds us that with determination, anything is possible.

Pinyon pine, Pine City, Joshua Tree National Park

Dried yucca blossoms, Pine City, Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua tree, Joshua Tree National Park

Prickly Pear cactus, Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park

Palm trees in a natural oasis, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs
The sweet surprise of a wildflower, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

A lush mini "garden," Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

Black-tailed jackrabbit grazing foliage for dinner, Joshua Tree National Park
Desert iguana seeking shade, Joshua Tree National Park

What life lessons have you learned from the wonders of nature?