Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Zucchini Lesson

I sometimes write about insight and wisdom gained from the garden.  Recently, there have been a few thoughts to reap from our "mighty" zucchini plant (along with plenty of zucchini!)...

Nurture an idea, a dream, a goal as you would a plant in your garden.
Patiently and diligently tend to its growth from a small, humble seedling into something much grander.
Our plant has grown even larger after snapping this photo about 3 weeks ago!
           Harvest the fruits of your labor with a grateful heart.

Tuesday's harvest for a friend
Share your bounty with others.
Celebrate abundance!
Destined to become the "soup of the day"
Panko parmesan zucchini chips enjoyed
alongside Tuesday's "Bobcat Garden" salad