Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warming Up To Pastels

My spirit and soul were uplifted by this month’s healing art retreat at CHOMP.  I find some months’ retreats are emotionally heavier for me than others, but all are always insightful, revealing of my inner emotional landscape and ultimately healing.  This month I found myself feeling lighter and even enjoying a moment of unbridled laughter with fellow participants…a high point in this ongoing healing art journey!

Our warm-up exercise involved a visualization including each of the rainbow colors and their meaning in relation to the chakras followed by us creating a representation of this visualization in soft pastels on black paper.  I must admit that I am not typically fond of working with pastels, but on this occasion, I made a concerted effort to “meet them halfway” and try to be more receptive to this medium.  For the first time that I can recall and to my surprise, I was actually pleased with my resulting warm-up piece!  (In fact, I was far happier with this piece than the rest of the day’s work.)  Perhaps I’ve turned a corner to further experimentation with pastels after this pleasant surprise?

Is there an art medium or form of creative expression that hasn’t spoken much to you?  Have you tried challenging yourself to explore this medium or expression?  Hopefully, you’ve done so (or will do so!) with enjoyable results.