Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Master Mentor

One of our coaching group assignments on healing led to this "inner little girl" self-portrait
Your best security is to grow yourself.  You need to follow a special path for creative success.  It will reawaken that creative little girl who either got squelched or silenced or…...has been stumbling along,"
- from Gail McMeekin's
"The 12 Secrets Of Highly Successful Women"
In last year’s “Carry With You” post, I wrote about participating in creativity coach/mentor and author Gail McMeekin’s “The 12 Secrets Of Highly Creative Women” journaling group conducted via Facebook and how the motivational power of that experience actually empowered me to launch this blog.  Since then, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to participate in two of Gail’s “Jewel Of An Idea” coaching groups, last spring’s group focused on customizing and monetizing your creative business ideas and as briefly mentioned yesterday, this summer’s group currently in process, focusing on healing, aligning with your life purpose and designing a business model suitable to your personality, values, well-being and quality of life.  All three experiences have been more valuable than I could have ever anticipated and have contributed to exciting developments and results along the pathway of transforming my creative dreams into realities! 

Gail brings together creatively-minded women in an inviting, interactive, supportive, encouraging, productive group experience, guiding us and helping us discover our own navigational wisdom, enabling us to progress toward accomplishment and fulfillment on our creative journeys.  We “gather together” via group conference calls and one-on-one calls and communicate via email and social media channels, yet a wonderful sense of community and camaraderie quickly forms, and the atmosphere is one that feels comfortable, safe and uplifting.  I wrote last summer about discovering a new version of “co-workers” as a solo creative small business owner, and in Gail’s coaching groups, I’ve enjoyed making connections with more of these “co-workers.”

As for Gail herself, she is a master mentor with a true gift for guiding and empowering women to embrace and maximize their creative talents.  In addition to offering wisdom and advice well-suited to our individual and collective needs, one of Gail’s many strengths as a coach is formulating questions and comments that ignite an “aha” spark in our own minds as we brainstorm with her individually or as a group.  I greatly value and respect Gail’s experience, wisdom, insight, genuine interest in her clients, caring nature and generous heart and spirit.

You may wonder why I’m writing this testimonial here on Paper And Ponder?  I consider Gail’s work a tremendous contribution to our creative world.  From discovering her books three years ago to the past year’s amazing opportunities to benefit from her expertise through her coaching groups, connecting with Gail has been a pleasure, an inspiration and an honor.  I never imagined creativity coaching would shift from my “someday file” to an actual experience in my life, one which will undoubtedly resonate going forward.  I admittedly used to view such opportunities as somewhat frivolous, but what’s frivolous about tapping into resources that nourish and enlighten us to further our self-growth, maximize our potential and gain momentum with the positive ripples we can make in this world?  As more of my “somedays” come to fruition, my mindset shifts from limitED to limitLESS possibilities!

A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU, Gail, for contributing wind to my creative sails…I am confidently venturing forward!



  1. Gail is one of the most talented women I've ever met and a first-class coach, too! Hooray for the many contributions she's made/makes in the enrichment of women's lives! Another jewel...meeting you through that very first FB group led by Gail. :) Hugs, T.

    1. You're a treasured "coworker," Tina! Becoming friends with you has been such a gift. Hooray, indeed, for our lives being enriched by Gail and by our connections!


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