Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Reminder Of Healing And Love

Yesterday here on Paper And Ponder, I began to share some three-dimensional treasures I created during a “just for fun” artsy afternoon with my daughter and her friend earlier this month.  During that afternoon, a simple wooden cube transformed into my “ruby totem” of sorts.  My inspiration stemmed from recently learning about qualities associated with our birthstones during my participation in an (outstanding!) creative coaching group with author and coach Gail McMeekin (this week’s posts seem to be unfolding in my mind one day and one layer at a time, so I’ll share more about my amazing coaching experiences with Gail tomorrow.) 

My birthstone is the ruby, and its energy is considered to be powerfully healing.  It is supposed to aid in clearing emotional congestion.  In the Middle Ages, this stone was used medically to treat blood diseases (rather uncanny considering I am a blood cancer survivor.)  The ruby is also a symbol of divine love.

As I continue along my healing journey, I’ve been open and receptive to utilizing different tools for healing.  Since the ruby signifies healing and love which are vital as I travel forward, I decided creating a reminder of these two key components in my life could be helpful in maintaining a positive outlook.

I happened to have on hand several stickers of Madonna, angel and fairy images I had purchased from one of my favorite artists, Flor Larios, and serendipitously, I found two of her images in shades of ruby red, one even accompanied by the word “love.”  These peaceful, sweet visages were my springboard to this “ruby totem” idea, and I decoupaged them on two opposite sides of the cube.  The cube was also embellished with watercolor paint, glitter glue, rhinestones, glass seed beads, faceted beads, wire and plastic pony beads.  This “ruby totem” of healing and love now sits atop my desk as a gentle daily reminder.  The red beads symbolize not only the healing ruby, but also my healthy red blood cells, creating interesting synchronicity between my birthstone and my actual life.


Meanwhile, I wish to thank Flor Larios for kindly granting me approval to feature her lovely art on today’s post.  I find her work so beautiful and peaceful and have purchased notecards, several prints and reproductions on canvas or wood as gifts for loved ones. 
In the thick of my cancer experience, I discovered her work on Etsy while curating a treasury I titled “When A Soul Needs Soothing.”  I purchased a print of “Hope and Love” as it truly soothed my soul (more healing art!) and provided me with a sense of comfort, calm and hope.


How have you tapped into your birthstone's qualities and their significance in your life?