Friday, August 23, 2013

A Remodeled Office

While hiking on a family camping trip this summer at Sam McDonald Park near Pescadero, we happened upon this sign along the trail which, at first, struck me as odd and prompted a chuckle!  As I then thought about my own office (now headquartered in our spare room where I store my art supplies, in drawers on a rolling cart and on the dining table where I create!), I realized that my new definition of an office can extend to a sandy beach, a hiking trail, a museum, library or coffee shop where I find inspiration, where ideas emerge, where I connect and network with creative and entrepreneurial peers. 

As I’ve journeyed for the past couple years on this newer career path as a creative entrepreneur, I have discovered how the lines blur between my professional and personal lives and how not only are these blurred lines acceptable, they can offer unexpected benefits.  A camping trip, a hike, a museum visit or other outing can serve not only as an opportunity to enjoy family time, but can also serve me in my work, fueling inspiration and creative energy.  From this perspective, I'm appreciating a more open and fluid definition of an office and starting to shed the questioning and guilt of "am I working hard enough" (residual effects from years of workaholism in my old career!)  One of the perks of being a small business owner is (and should be) a more flexible schedule, allowing a balance between work and play, and even better, play that ends up making a positive contribution to work!)  As I become more comfortable in this "remodeled" office, I am feeling much gratitude for its wonderful amenities!

Sharing more photos of colorful and shapely inspiration enjoyed in my outdoor “office” at Sam McDonald Park and Butano State Park


Lush green ferns amidst redwoods and firs

Vibrant blue

The beloved banana slug!  (On a different trip, we counted over 200 along a trail!)

Rich cocoa brown

Sweet little bells

Festooned in pale, glowing moss

Canopy above our campsite

Pretty in pink

Cheerful yellow (cat's ear?)

Glowing green

How are you blurring the lines between your professional and personal lives and redefining your own version of an office?