Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gifts From The Garden

I’ve been continuing along this current stream of garden contemplation after a second trip to volunteer in Bobcat Garden and a few brief stints in our own garden in the past couple weeks.  Since I've been writing quite a bit lately about what "speaks" to me while gardening, I thought it best to share recent gifts from the garden mainly through photos this time, and no, Paper And Ponder isn't transforming into a gardening blog...back to healing art and other topics after today's post!
Bright and beautiful Lion's Tail in different stages of blooming,
one of my favorite plants in Bobcat Garden

 After pruning oregano, I bundled the cuttings, and we hung them in Bobcat Garden's shed
Bobcat Garden's happy patch of sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, amaranth
and little bean seedlings...
This butterfly (we'd never seen before) landed amidst mizuna seedlings... 
"Mrs. Garden" (as she is called by the children) thought it might be a rare Smith's blue?
 A happy sunflower and a busy bee in Bobcat Garden

Another busy bee in our garden here at home, tending to our lemon cucumber plant
(we just enjoyed our first two for lunch today!) 

Patience...first signs of baby cucumbers on another plant
Abundance and gratitude in the form of
tasty homegrown tomatoes and basil married with fresh mozzarella
More gratitude for bringing home seeds and seedlings from "Mrs. Garden"... 
hope and anticipation...
as we wait for signs of broccoli, dill, calendula and sunflowers to appear
and nurture borage and chard seedlings to grow

 Do you enjoy gardening?  What are your favorite gifts from the garden?