Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiration In 3D

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the three-dimensionality of the mini “shrine” I created at CHOMP’s healing art retreat earlier this month inspired a recent art date with our daughter and her friend which, in turn, inspired some unexpectedly meaningful results as I sat down and created alongside the girls.  
A crafty experiment with yarn and embellishments across a watercolored mat board (shown here) provided the idea to refine and execute this technique for a new notecard design (in process, will reveal soon.) 
A project involving decorating tiny paper boxes became a chance to create a couple sweet little "wish boxes," (and I'm feeling motivated to create more soon!)  The blue box was delivered to a friend in need of comfort and support last week as a wish for peace, and the pink box will soon be mailed to a friend heading toward a wonderful accomplishment, and it will be a wish for her heart's desires. 
Another project involving embellishing wooden cubes became an opportunity to create a small totem to symbolize my ruby birthstone’s healing qualities, part of the “musework” assigned in our summer coaching group with author/creative coach Gail McMeekin.  (Much more on this in tomorrow’s post.) 
Simple and fun three-dimensional crafting with little girls inspired this "big girl" to transform playful projects into something more! 
May each of us, regardless of our age, allow ourselves time for child's play...for exploration, imagination, fascination, wonder and creativity!