Sunday, August 18, 2013

Modern Day Penpals

This summer I was approached by Donna of Sunshine Penpals to participate in her maiden swap and signed up (after enjoying a May Day swap earlier this year coordinated by Dawn of Candidly Clyde.)  This summertime swap was just as much fun!  Following the guidelines, I contacted one penpal (Tara of The Magnolia Barn) to find out a little bit about her along with her interests and favorites before sending my package to her, and in turn, I was contacted by another penpal (Angela of My Personal Accent) who asked me to provide similar information before sending her package to me.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, creative spirits and new online friends!

Angela and I corresponded through emails and learned that we share a common interest in upcycled papercraft projects.  Her blog and Facebook page share many creative ideas and helpful hints and tutorials on an eclectic variety of DIY topics.  I was excited to open the package she sent to me, a decorative box (which will be put to good use as I am always in need of attractive storage options for my plethora of art supplies!) generously filled with an assortment of goodies, including some handmade by Angela.  I’m quite fond of inspirational quotes, dragonflies, candles and sweet fabric handbags, so the package she thoughtfully put together for this swap has been much appreciated.
These opportunities for modern day penpals are a delightful way to interact with our creative community here in the online realm and connect with new friends in the process.
Have you been a swap participant?  How was your experience?