Saturday, August 24, 2013

Setting Sights On Vibrancy

I recently exhibited some of my healing artwork at our local hospital’s cancer survivors’ celebration including my “inner little girl” series which I’ve been sharing periodically here on Paper And Ponder.  A simple collaged art journaling piece I created (along with “Emergence”) during my final maintenance chemo treatment back in May was “Setting Her Sights On A Vibrant Future.”  Yesterday, after reviewing this week’s test results with my doctor, I graduated from two to three months between tests and appointments.  As the time between tests and appointments has gradually lengthened in the past two years, this latest progress means a great deal to me, a positive validation that my body is holding steady and behaving.  As I drove home from the appointment, I felt a wave of relief and excitement!  Perhaps I’m already arriving at the threshold of a vibrant future?!

What was written on the front of the collage:

She dons her rose colored glasses

during moments when she wishes

to focus on her dreams and aspirations.

They mute the glare of

doubt and uncertainty

to allow her a clear view

of the possibilities.

Vision of a radiant tomorrow…


What was journaled on the back:

Started this collage during yesterday’s final Rituxan infusion with thoughts of emerging into a vibrant new landscape.  Physical, emotional, creative vibrancy.  Vibrancy in blended personal and professional endeavors.  Today, feeling fatigued and slowed by yesterday’s treatment, I’ve been sitting here at the dining table collaging, reflecting, resting, healing, focusing on future vibrancy, radiance, brightness.  How appropriate it was a short while ago to glance through the patio door and spot a brilliant yellow hooded oriole visiting our almond tree, the first one I recall ever seeing…a vibrant sign indeed!  5/8/13



 Wishing you vibrancy and a radiant tomorrow...