Monday, August 19, 2013

Smitten With A Kitten

Meet Misty!

A week ago our daughter and I were instantly smitten with a kitten!  It was love at first sight when we met this 2-month old beauty at our local SPCA.  I quickly sensed that she was “the one,” the new furry family member we were seeking, and our daughter adored her from the get go.  I took immediate action to pay the nonrefundable fee to place her on a 24-hour hold, allowing us time to convince my husband we had to have her in our family.  Fortunately, he was a good sport, trusted our instinct and provided his consent (a requirement of the SPCA is for all family members to consent.)  By the next afternoon, a curious, playful, affectionate, spunky, sweet little kitten was safely sequestered in one of our bathrooms!  As I’ve been working on kittenproofing each room, we’ve been gradually introducing her to our home and to our 14-year old cat Franki.  As is often the case now with experiences and observations in daily life, I’ve been contemplating the significance of Misty joining our family.  Of course, I’m also simply delighting in the company (and cuteness!) of a kitten and appreciating the brightness and joy she’s brought to our family (well, all of our human members, that is…she has yet to win Franki over, but she’s making progress!)

In the span of just one week, Misty is already contributing to and influencing our family in many positive ways…

I’ve typically been the planning, organizing type, rarely one to throw caution to the wind and act with spontaneity.  Adopting Misty was an opportunity to follow my heart and “go for it” which felt liberating and exhilarating!  I’m working on embracing spontaneity more often.

I initially assumed bringing Misty home on the first day of school would disrupt any chance of kicking off the school year with a smooth routine.  As it turns out, she’s been a surprisingly powerful source of motivation!  Our daughter who isn’t a morning person by nature and who operates at a slower than average pace has been (amazingly!) timely in getting ready for the day ahead, so she has time to spend with Misty prior to leaving for school.

Cuddling and playing with Misty are highly engaging activities and highly effective stress reducers.  Good moods, smiles and laughter are inevitable when spending time with her!

Similar to a young child, a young kitten can be a reminder to always look at the world with awareness and a sense of wonder, to take time to play and feel carefree, to rest and renew your energy.  (She is also keeping us on our toes with all of her inquisitive antics!)


In the short time that Misty has been with us so far, she has already lifted my spirit and and lightened the lingering heaviness from my cancer experience.  I feel lighter hearted, happier, soothed, yet energized (and entertained!) by her presence.  She’s good for my soul and for my ongoing healing journey, a welcome addition to our family!