Friday, September 6, 2013

Finding Daily Beauty

Our family enjoyed a beautiful evening sky earlier this week

It’s easy to become so immersed in daily activities, responsibilities and stress that we allow simple, sometimes fleeting, moments of beauty to pass by unnoticed.  Although I’ve long been appreciative of the beauty found in nature, the arts and random moments and objects, my old work habits were so intense that I surely missed countless opportunities to pause and enjoy the abundance of beauty our world offers us.  As I now focus on living life with greater awareness and purpose, I remind myself to slow down, to observe, to see, to feel, to experience what is beautiful in each day.  Some days I’m admittedly better at this than others, but every time I pay attention to beauty, whether in its subtle or grander forms, the resulting enjoyment is accompanied by gratitude, positive energy and centeredness, all contributing to more fulfilling, happier days.  Sharing in beautiful experiences with others becomes even more joyful and rewarding!

A beautifully "painted" evening sky
The following morning, the sky captured my attention again

Misty, our blue-eyed beauty!

May we all embrace more beauty throughout each day!