Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shining Brighter

"Shining Brighter" 
Mixed media collage, September 2013

As much progress as I believe I am making in healing emotional wounds from my cancer experience, there are still spots within me where rawness lingers, moments when tears suddenly well up, sometimes for reasons I can’t quite grasp.  When I sense the need for self-compassion and care, I’m thankful for opportunities to access the restorative qualities of healing art and for the “rock” that grounds me, CHOMP’s monthly healing art retreats.  Our most recent retreat was last Friday, and as is characteristic of every retreat day, I felt comforted, calmed and centered in being there and connecting with our group.  “Broken record” that I may be about healing art, I continue to share my personal work, hopeful that it may resonate and inspire others to tap into the helpful, healing qualities of artistic expression for support on their own journeys through life.

Our main directive last Friday was to create several pieces illustrating a list of different prompts.  The first prompt I was motivated to illustrate was a change in my life. The ideas spilled out from my mind and on to my collage and as they did, the following thoughts and words began to take shape…


Leaps of faith are leading to wonderful transformation.

By following my heart and nurturing my passion,

I can heal, grow and “bloom.”

Glimmers of positivity and possibility are appearing and life is shining brighter.


This collage is reminding me to stay the course, keep centered and focus on all the positive change and opportunity in my life, all that is now shining more brightly. 

May your life shine brightly!