Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Color Of Courage


Another prompt on our list at this month’s healing art retreat was to illustrate a time when I felt brave.  I chose to cover an entire sheet of watercolor paper with a soft pastel in sunshine yellow (the surprise of gravitating toward a soft pastel again!), then assembled a simple collage of tiny pots filled with bright colors, a butterfly (transformation), leaves, a blossom and a petal (the same as petals in my previous piece.)  This collage, “The Color of Courage,” represents the elusive courage I finally found to pursue my creative passion as my profession.  The pots of colors remind me of an artist’s palette, while the leaves and petal symbolize personal growth.

A common thread connecting all of the pieces I created at this month’s retreat is the word “shine” which was the first word to pop into my head during our morning visualization/meditation.  The significance of this word was very evident in the collage shared in my last post.  As for this piece with its yellow background, yellow butterfly and sunny blossom, I've been thinking about how summoning up the courage to prioritize our dreams and our hearts' desires enables our spirits to shine with positive energy!