Monday, September 30, 2013

The Pear Tree Speaks Of Abundance

Happy Autumn!  I hope Fall has begun to unfold in many splendid ways for each of you.  This season is a potpourri for the senses… gorgeous colors, inviting flavors and scents, cozy warmth.  I always welcome this time of year to reflect on transition, abundance and gratitude.


Ahhh, abundance!  The more I focus on living a more mindful, simple life - streamlining my schedule (an ongoing challenge!), calming and centering my thoughts, learning to live more fully with less expectations and material needs, connecting with the flow of nature and creativity – the more I am pleasantly surprised and rewarded with glorious abundance!


Yesterday, my husband helped to harvest pears I couldn’t easily reach on our tree, and he filled a large basket with what I would estimate to be 100 pears or more!  We had already picked two thirds as many in recent weeks, and there are even more to harvest. Only in recent years has our pear tree been so prolific.  A couple of years ago I had nicknamed both our apple and pear trees “The Little Trees That Could” because in the 13 years we’ve lived here, they have struggled, gradually strengthened and finally blossomed into fruitful trees despite their small (at times, spindly) statures.


Our humble little pear tree, laden with its deliciously plump fruit, has been speaking to me of determination and abundance.  In celebrating abundance, we find happiness, contentment and the confidence and determination that we can tend to other areas of our lives in need of nurturing.  Gratitude for the abundance in our lives stirs up positive energy to fuel the soul. 
Not only has this tree gifted us with its shapely, tasty fruit (and its metaphors!), it’s inspired me in my creative work as well.  Abundance, indeed! 

Our pear tree inspired one of my favorite Plumeria Papercraft designs

Although our weather has been a blend of warm summery sunshine in the afternoon and fall crispness in the mornings and evenings, Autumn's and her lovely riches have definitely arrived!  How are you delighting in Autumn's abundance?