Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Newfound Appreciation

Do you ever find yourself attracted to something to which you hadn’t been drawn in the past?  Some of our interests and tastes change or evolve over time, of course.  We may see something in a new light, gain a different perspective or greater awareness.  I believe as we open our eyes, our minds and hearts widely, we are much more likely to discover and develop a newfound appreciation for many things.

I wrote in a past post about a new affinity arising for soft pastels (formerly my least favorite art medium) as I’ve experimented with them during healing art retreats.  I recently purchased a set of soft pastels, and our daughter and I have enjoyed them here at home when we sit down together for art projects. 

Although I love flowers in general, I hadn’t been particularly fond of roses.  I appreciated their beauty and sometimes their scent, but they didn’t captivate me as other flowers do.  I’ve been visiting our local Monterey Museum of Art’s two locations more frequently this year, and while taking time to stroll through the rose garden at the La Mirada location, I’ve paid closer attention to this lovely flower, its sculptural beauty and the sweet scents its many varieties exude.  I’m seeing roses with new, more appreciative eyes.


Even my taste buds have been experiencing a newfound appreciation!  I wasn’t much of a chocolate enthusiast.  I could take it or leave it and preferred caramel or fruity sweets.  I’ve jokingly wondered if it was the chemo that may have permanently altered my taste buds as cravings for chocolate have crept up on me this year, something I’d rarely experienced before!  Hot cocoa and Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s (a peppermint sandwich cookie from Trader Joe's) have been recent indulgences feeding my newly developed appreciation and transformed sweet tooth!

What new attractions are you enjoying?