Monday, November 4, 2013

Abundance In A Single Blossom


Sometimes it’s merely a single moment, an observation, experience or “little thing” that can fill us with a much greater sense of delight, joy, bliss or comfort.  In past posts, I’ve shared my contemplations about abundance as well as, in contrast, appreciation for the “little things” that pop up in our lives.  Yesterday, a single calendula blossom inspired thoughts on how simple, yet wholehearted gratitude can emerge from something small and seemingly insignificant, one of those “little things,” easily ignored, overlooked or taken for granted.  The pleasant surprise of abundance can often be found in that which, at first glance, may not seem abundant at all!  We just need to become mindful, pay close attention and fully appreciate the true value in something small for that wonderful reward of abundance to emerge.


I’d been keeping a watchful eye on our calendula plants (grown from seed that came from our daughter’s school garden) since noticing buds a few weeks ago, and finally, as I was looking out across our backyard yesterday morning, a colorful spot of orange in our vegetable garden caught my attention.  Our first calendula bloom was cheerfully saying “hello!”  I excitedly made my way to the garden with our daughter to admire this bright, pretty blossom.  I felt inspired to snap a few photos before plucking the blossom, so our daughter could savor its tasty petals.  She slowly nibbled on a couple petals at a time and commented on how much she enjoyed their flavor, then she set the remaining stem on the dining table.  As I picked up and contemplated the stem, I remembered how much we enjoyed scattering petals across our summer salads when we brought blossoms home after volunteering in Bobcat Garden.


I felt a surprisingly deep sense of gratitude for yesterday’s calendula blossom, for the beauty in its details, its flavor, for contributing a little bit of excitement and enjoyment to our morning, for inspiring creativity (in yesterday’s photo opportunities and an idea for a future collaged version of a calendula flower) and eliciting a fond summer memory. I realized there is abundance in the many petals on a single calendula blossom and how they adorn a salad with such a colorful splash.  There is also abundance to anticipate as our plants grow larger and many more buds bloom, and as I recently shared, buds remind me of hope and the promise of something positive ahead. 
All this in a single calendula blossom…


How does unexpected gratitude and abundance appear in the "little things" within your life?