Saturday, November 23, 2013

Big On Small Indulgences

A favorite childhood game becomes a small indulgence as an adult
On most days, it seems as though there is only enough energy, time or money for small rather than large indulgences, but in my quest to live more simply, small indulgences have become quite powerful in calming frayed nerves, renewing a flagging spirit and creating very pleasurable moments. 

A few small, but mighty indulgences in the past week…

Having fun playing Chinese checkers (on a vintage board, the same one I played on as a child!) with our daughter.

Enjoying new additions to our music collection – Blitzen Trapper’s “VII” and Of Monsters And Men’s “My Head Is An Animal.”  The CD player in our car gradually met its demise several months ago, so I've missed being able to balance the annoyance of traffic with music, mellow or lively depending on my mood.  I must find time to refresh the mixes on my iPod!

Reading in bed last Saturday morning, me immersed in “The Language Of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and our daughter beside me, also immersed in her own book, “Into The Wild (Warriors, Book 1)" by Erin Hunter, both of us pajama-clad and relaxed.  Bed + book = bliss!  Ahhh!

Embellishing our salads with colorful and tasty borage blossoms and calendula petals plucked from our garden, adding a little “special occasion” sprinkle to a weeknight meal.

I’m becoming big on small indulgences!  What are some of yours?