Thursday, November 28, 2013

Simply Thankful

Simply thankful…

For my husband and daughter and the many outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, game nights, fun events, shared interests, lighthearted and loving moments we enjoy together.

For the love and community of family, friends and kindred spirits.

For living by the sea and its many “gifts” – its vast beauty, innumerable wonders, its power to uplift or calm, countless treasures along its shores and its healing energy.

For the basics of home, clothing, food and money to cover our needs (and a few wants), never to be taken for granted.

For Franki and Misty (our feline family members) and their entertaining, comforting, cute and affectionate qualities.

For the amazing experiences offered by the arts, both visual and performing.

For nature’s infinite wonders.

For wishes in my “someday file” finally coming into fruition.

For healing art and the powerfully positive and therapeutic impact it has had on my healing journey and personal growth.

For remission.

For my soul feeling incredibly inspired, creatively energized and motivated in this “new and improved” path along which my life is now traveling.

For the newfound passion bursting in my heart for life itself in all its precious, unpredictable, crazy, busy, beautiful, heartwarming glory. 

And for those of you who so kindly take the time to read Paper And Ponder, to comment and connect…my sincere thanks.

Wishing everyone much warmth and joy today on Thanksgiving and each day!