Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Positive Effect Of Bubbles

Another busy stretch in real time alongside another quiet stretch here on my blog…big sigh.  Writing centers me, yet just when I need centering the most, when everything seems to be spinning, our family’s schedule, my sanity, I find it challenging to grab these precious minutes to sit down and focus on writing.  In order to free myself from feeling boxed in by the current state of our home and my mind (both cluttered and disorganized!), I am constantly reminding myself to breathe deeply, to approach tasks and responsibilities step by step, to view the big picture while paying attention to the “little things” that foster joy and gratitude, to allow inspiration and ideas to “bubble up” and percolate.  When I can’t manage enough time or energy to write, I can find other avenues to bring me back to center.


No matter how full our calendar may be, sacred “me time” is reserved for at least one day each month when I attend the healing art retreat at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.  Earlier this month, the retreat allowed me the focused time I desired (and needed) to follow through on inspiration that had been floating around in my head for a couple weeks.  For whatever reason, I kept visualizing bubbles!  I thought about creating a bubbly collage or painting here at home, but couldn’t find a long enough stretch of open time to explore this idea.  Serendipitously, the directives during this month’s healing art retreat provided the time and inspirational fuel to “blow some creative bubbles!”  

One of the directives was to illustrate our visualization of breathing in and breathing out with awareness.  I illustrated my breath as bubbles, breathing in calm, healing bubbles of air and feeling energy and creativity bubbling up within my mind and body while breathing out.


Another directive involved embellishing a warm-up piece, a liquid watercolor painting.  Instead of embellishing mine, I deconstructed the painting, cutting out bubbles which I collaged on to a background of more bubbles in soft pastel.  I was pleased with the layered effect, and this piece has inspired a new idea with which I hope to experiment soon.


For a third piece, my inspiration was simply a love bubble! 


What surfaced while playing around with this bubbly, lighthearted art was a pleasant surprise, a welcome source of positive energy that slowed my sense of spinning, helped me gather some of my scattered thoughts (not all, but some!) and reach the "outskirts" of center. 
May bubbles of inspiration, positivity and centeredness float your way!