Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Magical And Spectacular New Year's Wish

Experiencing the king tide at Seaside Beach - 1/2/14

Magical and spectacular!  May 2014 be filled with magical and spectacular experiences for each of us!  Finally, two weeks into this New Year, a moment to write and express this wish.

I’m actually borrowing these two superlatives from my daughter who has been incorporating them into her notes of holiday thanks and New Year greetings to family and friends.  At first, I found her choice of words to be very sweet, but then considered how they could offer truly meaningful and exciting potential if envisioned as reality.  Magical and spectacular often describe moments of grandeur, but they can also define the more subtle moments of grace, beauty and joy in our everyday lives, moments that fill our hearts and fuel our souls, magically and spectacularly!

We were awarded magical moments during recent family walks along the beach in the past couple weeks, including a spectacular king tide, sunset dolphin sightings and dramatic waves…