Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rewards For Patience

Patience.  In our fast-paced society with its immediacy of technology, convenient goods and services, express lanes and on-the-go lifestyles, patience has become a less common practice.  To live a simpler, more mindful, peaceful existence, we need patience which indeed takes practice.
Patience was definitely not a virtue within the corporate environment in which I used to work, but now that I’m finding my way in the small business realm, I’ve discovered how vital patience is to an entrepreneur’s mindset.  Patience contributes to building confidence and reinforcing commitment.  I’m chugging along like the “little engine that could,” and slowly, but surely making progress on the uphill track toward a fuller realization of my creative dreams.  As I practice more patience, I am rewarded with greater optimism for accomplishing my goals, one section of the track at a time. 

Plumeria Papercraft launched a couple years ago with a handful of notecards listed for sale on Etsy.  With the arrival of this New Year, I’m still on Etsy, although admittedly, making only an occasional online sale.  My work, however, is now enjoying exciting expansion on local avenues.  My cards and tags are selling well in local establishments, and I’m filling custom orders for individual and business clients.  I’ve also become a collage, papercraft and cardmaking instructor for both adults and children, and later this year, I’ll be trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator.  When viewed from my old corporate perspective, I would have judged myself as only a tiny blip on the success radar, but as I practice patience and strive for a new and positive outlook, I can see a meaningful, fulfilling, successful vista ahead.

Rewards for patience also emerge on a smaller scale, and recently, I’ve noticed little reminders in our garden, a spot which offers a constant source of inspiration and insight.  Last summer, I described a blissful day in our daughter’s school’s garden and later, I shared how we planted seeds from Bobcat Garden here at home.  This month, the first yellow calendula bloomed and the first broccoli spear was harvested from plants which originated from those seeds.  Simple, delightful rewards for patience.  Reminders to remain patient and steadfast in cultivating and nurturing dreams.

How are you rewarded by patience in your life?  What are you patiently anticipating?