Thursday, February 20, 2014

Abundant Love

"Abundant Love" notecards created for American Crafts & Jewels

In a past post, I wrote about our boundless capacity for love and its power to inspire, motivate, energize, encourage, comfort and heal.  Of late, I’ve again been reflecting on love’s amazing power while my attention has been focused on hearts!  One of my favorite designs, a simple collage of nine hearts I’ve titled “Abundant Love,” was added last month to American Crafts & Jewels’ assortment of Plumeria Papercraft notecards, and completing this order for my local client prompted thoughts of and gratitude for the abundant love in my own life.  I also prepared heart-themed and Valentine samples for my weekly after-school enrichment class and a recent weekend workshop and was delighted by the wonderfully positive dynamics that emerged in each group experience.  When we concentrate on hearts, love and creativity, how can the resulting dynamic be anything other than positive?!  I created personal expressions of love for family and friends as well.  All of this heart-based work has had an uplifting, energizing effect on my spirit and soul, and I am reminded that love can be simply, yet immensely powerful.


"Wholeheartedly" mosaic collage with origami papers

My "Handcrafted Love" workshop at Pacific Grove Art Center earlier this month

Heart garland I created as a project sample for my Tularcitos elementary students
May love be abundant in your life!