Friday, February 28, 2014

Emotional Refuge

"Emotional Refuge" assemblage
Mini watercolor-ink drawing, flower & leaf die cuts, scrabble tile, metal shell & heart,
mixture of white, tan & dark brown craft sand & gold glitter on mat board
Each of us is in need of emotional refuge at certain times in our lives…from an accumulation of stress, a challenging obstacle, a traumatic experience, loss, grief, illness, chronic pain.  Discovering and identifying ways to access this refuge becomes vital to our well-being.  We can find relief, healing and refreshment by immersing ourselves in whatever soothes us like a comforting “balm.”  Such refuges may range from simple moments fit into everyday life to more elaborate retreats.  A brief pause in a busy day.  A favorite rejuvenating activity or exercise.  A visit to one of your “happy places” (in reality or in visualization.) 
We can also find emotional refuge in a like-minded community.  This is the case for me every time I attend Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s monthly healing art retreat.  For a few hours, I can still the pace of my daily existence, tap into creative flow and feel buoyed in the company of kindred spirits.  During a past retreat, one of the prompts I chose was to create a representation of where I find emotional refuge when needed.  With my increasing desire to explore healing art from a three-dimensional perspective, I felt inspired to create this assemblage as my representation.


I find emotional refuge…

At the sea

By nurturing my dreams as they blossom into reality

In creative flow

While enjoying and appreciating nature

On family excursions and adventures

By following my heart

I hope by  sharing my “Emotional Refuge,” you may be inspired to contemplate the composition of your own refuge, perhaps even create a similar reminder for yourself, so when access is needed, you’ll remember the way.