Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Simply Wish To Write

"Abundant Love," my heart collage design was added last month to the assortment of Plumeria Papercraft notecards
available at American Crafts & Jewels in Carmel...more on this in my next blog post.
I simply wish to write...
Life thus far in 2014 has been focused on ridding myself (or attempting to rid myself!) of physical and mental clutter, reorganizing, playing catch up, embracing opportunities as they’ve presented themselves, living in the moment and going to bed early whenever my body has declared itself in need of rest.  All of the above is positive progress, but alas, I’m left with little to no time for writing.  There’s still reflection time, typically while in the shower, stuck in traffic or on the verge of drifting off to sleep, but I haven’t been able to explore further reflection through writing lately.  Writing and sharing here on Paper And Ponder always helps me clear my head when it’s muddled in thoughts, providing insight and clarity and contributing to the healing and growth taking place in my life.  Just as important as it is to sort through the physical jumble in our home, I know I must find (make!) time to continue sorting through my “inner jumble.”  Writing, along with healing art, SoulCollage® and art journaling, is always a very helpful tool in my sorting process. 

Is writing helpful to you as well?  How do you make time to write?  What other tools help you sift and sort through your thoughts and emotions?