Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Peaceful Landscape

"Peaceful Landscape," watercolor collage with glitter glue & bead
A couple months ago I received news that a healing art comrade had passed away.  I felt a strong wave of sadness in the days following this sudden and unexpected news.  She was one of the first people I met in the healing art program at our local hospital, and although we only interacted through our shared experience with healing art, I considered her a dear friend.  Within our healing art community, many of our friendships are not of a typical nature.  We may not know much, if anything, about each other’s daily life, details about families or jobs, but in gathering each month to partake in our sacred day of creativity, inner work and healing, we often end up with a more intimate knowledge of one another as we share, often profound, connections of heart and soul.  I felt somewhat adrift with my sadness.  Not knowing anything about her family or if there would be a memorial service or celebration of life, I searched my mind for a way I could honor this friend, this kindred creative spirit and seeker of healing.  My mind finally settled on our point of connection – healing art, and the way to honor her memory presented itself.  I had always admired the beautiful, ethereal landscapes she often painted, so I set up my watercolors and began to paint. I attempted, at first, to emulate her style of landscape, but I was displeased with my results;  then, I realized I needed to approach this healing art from a different perspective.  I began deconstructing the painting with which I was initially dissatisfied, cutting out shapes and reconstructing the painted shapes into a collaged landscape.  My realization was that the best way to honor this friend and remain connected to her memory was to “collaborate” with her spirit, to blend together my collage vision with my best interpretation of her landscape vision.  In doing so, I created this “Peaceful Landscape.”


This month has marked the one year anniversary of a loved one’s death, and I also learned of two more acquaintances recently passing, so those no longer in this “here and now” world have been on my mind.  My hope is that each person has reached their “peaceful landscape.”  
Peace is what I wish for everyone in our lives who has passed and for those of us here who miss them.