Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hidden Meanings In Junk Mail Part 2

In my previous post, I shared the first week’s results from the creative challenge I assigned myself last month, finding the “silver lining” in an envelope lining, amidst junk mail and within the Sunday paper!  Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing the mini collages I assembled in the remaining weeks and the simple, yet uplifting messages that emerged from each one.  Admittedly, when I found a catalog in our mailbox with a wealth of images from which to create, I could collage with ease, while other days when the sole piece of mail that arrived was an annual report from a financial firm, I had to stretch my imagination.  Whether each collage was easy or difficult, overall, this creative challenge was much fun! 

Here's week two…

#8 "Splash"
The Company Store catalog
add a splash of color, brightness, energy, positivity, joy

#9 "All That Brightens"
Ulta ad in Sunday paper
bright pops of nature's colors are always uplifting and inspiring

#10 "A World Of Wonder"
Tea children's clothing brochure
in the sea is a world of wonder

#11 "To The Sea"
Garnet Hill catalog
to the sea
where I wish to be...

#12 "Balance"
American Balanced Fund annual report
seeking balance

#13 "Insight"
California American Water brochure
insight is in sight

#14 "Advance"
Eaton Vance annual report
strength, momentum and perserverance
to advance forward and upward
Click here for week one...
May you enjoy a balanced, relaxing weekend!