Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hidden Meanings In Junk Mail Part 3

During last month’s self-assigned daily creative challenge (week one and week two), some ideas immediately presented themselves as I leafed through a catalog, while others took their time, coming into view more slowly.  Sometimes “just the right” words were already there, and other times, I clipped letters to compose the word(s) when what I was searching for wasn’t readily available. 

Here’s the ebb and flow of week three’s collaged messages...

#15 "Paradise"
Kauai Coffee ad in Sunday paper
Kauai is my definition of paradise
(Hanalei is always my healing place in visualizations)

#16 "Wander"
Tom's catalog
wander with purpose,
head in the best direction
#17 "Ready, Set, Go"
Mini Boden catalog
be open to and ready for adventure

#18 "Celebration"
Garnet Hill Kids catalog
celebrate possibility
#19 "Lighter And Brighter"
J. Crew catalog
when life has been dark and heavy,
it's time for something lighter and brighter
#20 "Yellow Brick Road"
Title Nine catalog
my "yellow brick road" can be
a hiking trail, a sandy stretch of beach or
the process of creating art

#21 "Heart Chakra"
REI dividend notice
simply a moment to take a deep breath
and focus on the heart chakra
Where does wandering with purpose lead you?  What defines your "yellow brick road?"  Please share!