Monday, April 14, 2014

Hidden Meanings In Junk Mail Part 4

In the final stretch of last month’s creative challenge (week one, week two and week three here), Spring’s arrival was a frequent influence…
#22 "Serenity"
Isabella catalog
grace, serenity and beauty
within a blossom
#23 "The Pea"
Target insert in Sunday paper
sometimes you can feel love
coming from an unexpected or unlikely place...
be open to this lovely surprise
#24 " Magic"
Tea children's clothing catalog
find magic growing in nature

#25 "Discovery"
Oppenheimer Funds Annual Report
best discoveries can often be found on the spurs
off of the main trail of life

#26 "Sweet Life"
The Herald newspaper
taste the sweetness of life and enjoy

#27 "Celebrate Spring"
I Cantori Carmel postcard
flowers bloom in celebration of Spring

#28 "Raindrops, Teardrops"
California American Water envelope
raindrops cleanse the Earth,
teardrops cleanse the soul

#29 "Stepping Stones"
Acacia catalog
keep taking steps to live
healthfully and joyfully

#30 "Spirit"
Cost Plus World Market insert in Sunday paper
shine your spirit brightly

#31 "Bloom"
Boden envelope and letter
bloom in creativity, love, joy and gratitude
Hope you've enjoyed these little blossoms of creativity unfolding from junk mail and newspaper!