Thursday, May 1, 2014

Revisiting Fairyland

Fairy Lanterns "light the way" in Garzas Canyon at Garland Ranch Regional Park
A May Day (well, night actually) hello!  In celebration of May flowers, it seems timely to share this string of recent photographs snapped while revisiting Fairyland (what I consider to be one of the best real life versions near us!)  We delighted in nature’s wildflower gardens while enjoying a hike on Easter Sunday afternoon, a little family tradition of ours.  We were more appreciative than ever to be greeted by plentiful, beautiful flowers along this trail after visiting a couple of months earlier when we had seen sobering signs of the current drought taking its toll on the landscape.  Although rainstorms weren’t overly plentiful, they provided enough incentive to wake up all the slumbering wildflower seeds in time to celebrate Spring.  We noticed 23 different wildflowers on this hike, and there were even more we couldn't identify.
Baby Blue-Eyes, Fiesta Flowers, Lupine, Chinese Houses, Larkspur, Blue Dicks, (Foothill?) Clover, Dove's Foot Geraniums, Star Flowers, Indian Paintbrush, Shooting Stars, Milkmaids, Wild Cucumber, Fairy Lanterns, Miner's Lettuce, Thimbleberries, False Solomon's Seal, Woodland Stars, Meconellas, Poppies, Sticky Monkeyflowers, California Buttercups, Nettles
Fairyland is alive and well!

 Is there a real life Fairyland you enjoy visiting near you?!