Thursday, June 19, 2014


Heartfelt thanks to another healing art friend, Sharon,
for permission to include one of her lovely photographs with my post

The preciousness and, at times, precariousness of life…
Yesterday I was reminded of this fact after receiving the news that a friend in our healing art circle passed away on Monday.  I grieve, yet try to ease the heaviness in my heart with gratitude.  Gratitude for connecting with this friend, for being inspired by and learning from her strength, courage and faith, her grace in the face of challenge  and the beauty of her spirit evident in person and in her art.  I hold her loved ones in my heart and hope they, too, can find comfort in her beautiful spirit.
I wrote an earlier post about another healing art friend passing away last autumn.  It is difficult to witness the precarious nature of life grabbing hold within our healing art community, yet from this community, amazing moments and experiences arise as we communicate and interact with each other.  These opportunities to open our hearts and speak through our souls, to listen and be heard, to understand and be understood, to support and be supported connect us at a deeply profound level.  At a heavy hearted time like now, I am lifted by the memories of these precious connections.

With love for and in honor of a precious, beautiful soul…