Sunday, July 27, 2014

Entering A New Decade

Me in my first decade!

Earlier this month, I turned fifty…yep, the big 50!  As I faced my 50th birthday, I experienced different attitudes and emotions ranging from denial and dread to tentative receptiveness to gratitude.  I challenged myself as to why I was feeling so intimidated by this milestone birthday?  One part of me has, of course, been deeply grateful to have emerged from my cancer experience, alive and well and able to focus on creating a “new and improved” life for myself, while another part of me, at an admittedly more superficial level, has been uncomfortable with growing older and aging.  As my birthday neared, I was determined to reach some level of acceptance with entering a new decade, if not to embrace, then to at least “hold hands” and try to connect with my 50 year old self.  I am happy to report that three weeks into my fifties, I’ve made this connection!  My stepping stones to getting here?  I’ll share them this week (as I try, yet again, to blog more consistently!)  The first step was “outside the box” of my typical low key birthdays.  I quietly celebrated with my husband and daughter on the actual day, but a week later, I threw myself a “dream come true” party, celebrating with a gathering of 18 women at a local hotel.  Following is an excerpt from my party invitation in which I shared with my guests some initial thoughts on turning fifty.

Why celebrate turning 50, I asked myself.  As my answer unfolded, I realized how tremendously blessed and grateful I am that there is much to celebrate at this milestone. 

A celebration of…

Life - - - being a survivor and awakening a deeper passion for living each day more fully

Dreams transformed into realities - - - finally becoming who I want to be “when I grow up”

Creativity - - - liberating my creative spirit to flow through daily life’s work and play

Beauty - - - in a moment or discovery, by the sea, along a trail, in the garden, in the arts

Love - - - in wonderful abundance

Community - - - feeling a strong connection to the women in my life with whom I find inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, feeling connected to you

From this last answer emerged my idea for a party.  I’ve long envisioned a dream day of gathering together favorite women from different branches of my life to enjoy meaningful and memorable camaraderie.  So, I asked myself again, why celebrate turning 50?  Because by doing so, this dream can come true! 

And this dream did indeed come true!  The first stepping stones into a new decade?  Enter with love and in a spirit of fun, enjoy with good company and continue to follow your dreams!