Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bliss In A Box

Bliss is…sharing a bit of bliss!  I transformed mint tins into “Bliss In A Box” party favors for guests to take home after last month’s celebration (which was bliss in itself, by the way!)
How to create "bliss"...
Create templates for mint tin lid and bottom, inside and out;
trace around templates on back side of printed cardstock for outer lid and bottom,
cut and adhere with glue stick, trim to fit. 

Trace around template on back side of felt for inner bottom, 
cut, then tuck inside tin (hold with a glue dot);
wrap ribbon or other trim around bottom half of bottom outer sides
(lightly apply tacky glue to underside of ribbon or trim),
position seam at front and center and hide with adhesive-backed jewel.
Trace around template on back side of parchment paper
(printed with your own personal message) for inner lid,
cut and adhere with glue stick.
Fill tin with your choice of trinkets (mine, of course, were beachcombing treasures!)


Embellish the outer lid with your own "bliss in a box" message 
along with any additional embellishments.
Your "bliss in a box" handmade favors or gifts can be uniform or one-of-a-kind...
I created unique boxes with each guest in mind (favorite colors, styles, etc.)

Remember tins come in different sizes...I "lived and learned!" 
I had already prepared cardstock based on one set of templates
before I realized the tins I had saved were in two sizes.

What will be inside your "bliss in a box?!"

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