Friday, August 8, 2014

Bliss Is...

Love note accompanying poem at last month's birthday party

Bliss By The Sea

To see the sea

Is bliss to me

A place of peace

And reverie


Cloud dappled sky

Sunshine’s golden glow

Warm, pliant sand

Beneath my toes


Powerfully, gracefully

Pelicans soar

Over the waves’

Resonant roar


Frolicking dolphins

And majestic whales

Frothy surf erases

My footprint trails


Languid otters

And curious seals

Beachcombing treasures

The shore reveals


Frosty sea glass

Driftwood and shells

Wandering and collecting

My worries are quelled


To see the sea 

Is bliss to me

Here my soul

Is most content and free

- Lisa Handley
The past week was far from blissful as shared in my last post, but it’s actually during such times when we’re standing on the opposite side of the spectrum that it can be helpful to remember what bliss means to us.  Pausing and stepping into a “bliss is” moment of thought taps into gratitude, one of the most powerful stress reducers of all.
Segueing into to a few more birthday-inspired posts, I recently defined my version of bliss to party guests in the form of the above poem and accompanying “love note” which were placed at each table setting for dinner. 
I also scattered other sea-inspired elements throughout the party with seashells surrounding roses (provided by the hotel’s own garden), place cards embellished with driftwood and tiny clam shells and handmade party favors (which will be the focus of tomorrow’s post!) 
Included on place cards were guests' entrée, dessert and beverage orders
to assist servers.  Mine was chicken Marsala, goat cheese cake with
berry compote and regular coffee. : ) 
What's included in your definition of bliss?  May you enjoy many blissful moments this weekend!