Sunday, August 17, 2014

From Seed To Seedling

"A single green sprouting thing would restore me...."

                                                          - Jane Kenyon

Sunflower's seed shell still perched atop its leaf

Along the journey from seed to seedling, literally and figuratively, we experience an uplifting range of emotions from hopefulness and anticipation to excitement and gratitude.

Broccoli "hearts"

I recently planted more of our Bobcat Garden seeds, sunflower, calendula, dill and broccoli, and I felt a burst of excitement upon discovering teeny tiny, yet obviously mighty broccoli sprouts pushing their way through the soil in only three short days.  A couple days later, perky calendula and sunflower sprouts popped through the soil, and lastly, the dill seedlings made their appearance several days later.

Calendula seedlings

I love the simple (and in this case, almost instant!) gratification of planting seeds, watering and watching them emerge as seedlings.  This process reminds me, metaphorically, that when we recognize growth potential and persist in bringing it into fruition, there can be the promise of progress, of reward and fulfillment.  There is always inspiration to be harvested from the garden.

Dill sprouts

What grand gifts can grow from little seeds!