Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Contemplating The Calendula


I love gleaning life lessons, insights and inspiration from what’s growing in our garden, and one of my most recent insights was inspired by the calendula flower.

Ever since one of last year’s summer work days in Bobcat Garden, my daughter’s elementary school garden, I’ve developed a growing fondness for the bright, edible calendula flower.  Our older plants (originating from Bobcat Garden) have withered, so a few weeks ago, I started new ones from seed (of the same origin) and just planted a young batch of seedlings a couple days ago.  I also scattered additional seeds collected from the faded blooms in the hopes of encouraging a few “volunteers.” 

While our older calendulas were in their prime, I snapped these photos, appreciating each stage of a calendula blossom and recognizing the beauty and value existing throughout its life cycle, beginning with the anticipation of a fresh, new blossom and ending with each faded bloom offering its lasting gift of seeds and an opportunity to start anew.  This cycle can be ongoing then, never really ending.  

Similarly, recognizing the beauty and value found in each phase of any life cycle, plant, animal or person, even the "life cycle" of an endeavor or experience, can be a simple, yet profound exercise in awareness and gratitude.

What examples of cycles have been "blooming" in your daily life?