Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Excitement

In continuing to reflect back on which summer memories to preserve, what comes to mind are some of the experiences that offered the most excitement...
(The best shot I could capture between zooming in with my point & shoot & remaining at a safe distance!)

Safely sighting three bears, including a cub, during our visit to Sequoia and Kings Canyon, (without encountering the cub's mother, thank goodness!)


Hiking the Tokopah Falls trail in the company of beautiful wildflowers and curious marmots.

Observing humpback whales from shore and from a whale watching tour boat and feeling in awe of these magnificent creatures.

Finding my first intact chiton (instead of its individual “fairy wing” plates)…yep, I’m proud to be a beachcombing geek!
Beautifully bright bougainvillea at Casa Munras, my party venue
Celebrating a milestone birthday by hosting a once-in-a-lifetime party with family and friends, an event bursting with love, joy and gratitude and a memory I will treasure always.

Which memories of summer excitement will you treasure?