Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Active Imagination In The Desert

During October break last week, our family enjoyed vacationing in the Palm Springs area and Joshua Tree National Park here in California.  This was our 6th family vacation there, and over the years, we’ve grown quite fond of this desert region.  At first glance, the landscape may seem dry and barren, but upon closer views, as you explore and experience the desert, there are many wonders waiting to be discovered and much that thrives there despite a harsh environment.  Even an active imagination thrives in the desert!  Nope, no hallucinatory mirages in sight, but here’s what we spotted…

A cow

A voodoo doll

A hungry ghost
A lion’s mane

Face Rock
Tulip Rock
A heart
Another heart

X marks the spot
What are some of your favorite places for activating your imagination?