Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Seeing And Seen

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, I created a second mixed media collage during last Thursday’s Healing Art retreat which ended up blending two prompts together.  The first prompt I randomly selected was to depict being truly seen by a person (or persons.)  Initially, I was unsure how to depict this experience., so I was encouraged to select another prompt instead, and the second prompt I randomly chose was to depict one’s vibrant self.  I felt undecided between the two, but instead of thinking too long and hard about either one, I stepped over to a bin of materials and began to rummage through the odds and ends within.  This particular bin contained a hodge podge of fabric scraps, card stock, old calendars, old greeting cards and a solitary Audubon magazine.  As I flipped through the magazine, the eyes of different birds immediately captured my attention, then I picked up a notecard with a simple window design which felt synchronistic with the window image in the first mixed media collage, "Lushness Of Possibility," I had made earlier that day.  Soon, I was again immersed in an effortless flow of creating.  After assembling the bird and window images, I added abstract flowers I found in an old calendar and several soft pastel rubbings of a simple flower template.  As I finished this second piece, its meaning suddenly became very clear.  The birds were a loose interpretation of our Healing Art group, of being, indeed, truly seen, heard and understood by our facilitator and fellow participants with whom I’ve formed an undeniably strong bond.  It was actually a fellow participant who shared her perspective that the window in my collage reminded her that we can view in both directions, within ourselves and outward to others, and her perspective fit my depiction perfectly and inspired me to write yet another poem.  I then realized that the soft pastel rubbings of blossoms represented me and my soul, healing, growing, blooming and shining brighter, and this is how “Seeing And Seen” became a blended depiction of both prompts, my vibrant self being truly seen by my Healing Art friends while truly seeing them in return. 


Through an open window,
I am seeing and
I am seen.

Glimpses of
and soul 
and the stories 
in between.

Looking inward… 
a vibrant spirit 

An unfolding
of deep 
and true 

Looking outward…
many wings 

on a migration

by Lisa Handley

I hope you'll share your inspiring experiences of feeling truly seen or truly seeing others...