Friday, April 24, 2015

Significance In The Smallest Of Things

I am feeling a sense of current overwhelm with heartfelt concern for several very dear friends facing serious health challenges, a constantly busy schedule, the ongoing need to catch up on what's fallen behind, an intensifying urge to hasten the slow progress made in attempting to banish accumulated clutter and disorganization, a few minor health issues of my own as well as developing health issues with our elder cat.  When overwhelm mounts, it can become increasingly difficult for us to maintain perspective and balance.  I've discovered, however, the most powerful antidotes are often in the subtlest moment, the simplest experience or the tiniest bit of wonder or spot of grace.  There can be great significance in the smallest of things, calming, healing power in the "little things."  Recent "little things" that have dissipated some of my overwhelm...delightful tiny nuggets of sea glass and shells found along the shore and sweet little Spring blossoms of forget-me-not and borage spotted along a trail and in our backyard...

       What small things have you noticed uplifting you lately?